Hublot MP-13 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Retrograde Best Replica Watch; A New Extreme

Extreme is the adjective that best defines the Hublot MP-13 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Retrograde replica. It is an extreme fake watch in every way, both aesthetically and technically. Although this should come as no surprise to those passionate about Hublot or contemporary Haute Horlogerie, as they will undoubtedly know that the pursuit of the extreme is the purpose of the MP collection.

Hublot’s MP cases depart from anything we might consider conventional and they do not do so on a whim as they adapt to the extreme configuration of the movements they protect inside. It is therefore difficult to follow our usual pattern of treating the elements of the watch in complete isolation.

The material chosen by Hublot to craft the case of the Hublot MP-13 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Retrograde is titanium, to which a satin finish is applied. This metal is a logical choice as its lightness will compensate for its size, 44 mm in diameter by 16.7 mm thick. Especially its height is more than remarkable, but we can not expect anything else from an avant-garde luxury fake watch whose purpose is the extreme.

Retrograde indications complicate a lot the R&D of a caliber, but they do not contribute anything on a practical level. I know that it sounds very bad, but it is true. What retrograde indications contribute is not objective at all. What they generate for enthusiasts, connoisseurs and collectors is a fascinating and difficult to describe attraction. Therefore, they fulfill the main mission of any mechanical high quality replica watch complication; enamoring its future owner.

Logically, the great aesthetic protagonist of swiss replica watches with retrograde indications is their dial, which is where they are displayed. In the case of the MP-13 we clearly observe two large arcs that cover a path of what in a conventional watch would be between 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock.

The mechanism responsible for these indications and complications is as impressive as the case that surrounds it. It is the HUB6200 caliber, a hand-wound movement that incorporates the bi-axial and retrograde tourbillon complications and indications.

The bi-axial tourbillon, developed in-house by best Hublot replica, has two axes. On one axis, the tourbillon makes a complete revolution every minute and on the other axis, it makes a complete revolution every 30 seconds. This generates a movement as hypnotic as that of the retrograde indications. This bi-axial mechanism was first presented in the 2017 MP-09.

The HUB 6200 caliber is composed of 374 parts. Its balance oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz) and offers a power reserve of 96 hours. These 4 days of power reserve are astonishing considering the enormous power consumption generated by both the bi-axial tourbillon and the retrograde indications of the case.