The Best Cheap Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 5330G-010 Tokyo 2023

Limited to 300 best swiss replica watches available only in Japan, the ref. 5330G-010 is the brand’s first world time with a date display. It features a guilloche dial in purple, the thematic hue of the exhibition, along with subtle references to Japan on the dial.

Initial thoughts

While the Patek Philippe ref. 5330G-010 replica is not the flagship complication of the Watch Art Tokyo 2023 event – that title is claimed by the ref. 5308P Quadruple Complication – the new World Time is quintessential Patek Philippe.

For one, the world time complication, though not invented by Patek Philippe replica, is strongly associated with the brand. At the same time, the date display is both practical and incorporated in an elegant manner, while the mechanics behind the date are sophisticated and thin as is typical of the brand’s approach to movements.

Also in its favour are the discreet and tasteful references to Japan on the dial. But while the plum dial is striking and rich, the colour might not be for everyone. But putting aside the colour, the ref. 5330G-010 is an appealing perfect fake watch for discount.

A useful addition

Slightly larger than the World Time ref. 5230 that’s 38.5 mm, the new Patek Philippe ref. 5330G replica watch has a case measuring 40 mm by 11.57 mm, making it the largest contemporary world time model without other complications. The case is white gold and adopts the vintage-inspired design also found on the recent Calatrava 24-Hour ref. 5224R that is characterised by slim, stepped lugs and a rounded case middle.

Like preceding World Time models, the dial centre is decorated with guilloche, but in a striking plum colour that is also the theme for the event. Two details mark it out as a Tokyo 2023 edition: the city name in red on the world time ring and the Rising Sun replacing “12” on the 24-hour ring. The dial also reveals the additional complication of the ref. 5330G – a date hand in the centre. In a first for luxury fake Patek Philippe, the date hand is made of glass and features a red-lacquered pointer.

Inside is the cal. 240 HU C, a variant of the cal. 240 HU found in the standard World Time model. The cheap perfect replica watch incorporates a new date mechanism made up of 70 parts, which add about 0.7 mm to the thickness of the movement. The date hand is driven by its own going train that allows the date to move in sync with the time display – both backwards and forwards.

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