Top Quality Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra-Deep 75th Anniversary Watch For Sale

As a sign of how fast time flies, if you asked me when I thought the Ultra-Deep was originally launched, I would’ve told you earlier this year. However, in reality, it was more than a year ago back in the spring of 2022. Perhaps the time feels shorter because a year and a quarter is still not enough time to get over how bad the name O-MEGASTEEL is for the hyper tough steel alloy that the 45.5mm case is made from. It’s the strength of this material that helps ensure the best Omega replica 6,000m water resistance rating.

n keeping with the other 75th anniversary models, such as the Diver 300m, the main style focus of the new top quality Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra-Deep replica watch is centred on the aquatic themed dial. The Ultra-Deep is unique in that while the majority of the celebratory collection feature abstract representations of the diffuse state of light beneath the ocean’s surface, it shows a detailed, engraved oceanographic map of the Challenger Deep ocean trench – the location where the Ultra-Deep concept watch first made headlines in 2019 before its production successor emerged in 2022.

There’s actually an easter egg hidden on the dial that’s a reference to that original record-breaking dive. If you shine a UV light on the dial, it will reveal more details about the exact location of the dive as well as the phrase “Omega Was Here”, like some school boy graffiti. Whether you think it’s charmingly cheeky or a little bit childish, it’s still fun. I do want to dwell on the dial for a little bit longer just to let it sink in how cool it really is. An exact replica of the ocean floor that was mapped using over 1 million sonar points. This is some Grand Seiko level precision and beauty. It reminds me of the Black Stream Diver, which is quietly one of my favourite dials on any cheap fake watch for sale in terms of the texture and pattern.

Beneath the surface of the luxury fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra-Deep 75th Anniversary watch online is the Calibre 8912. It’s an automatic movement with 60-hour power reserve and METAS-certified master chronometer status. As with the other anniversary watches, the movement is protected by a solid caseback with a commemorative engraving of Poseidon with two seahorses, referencing both the original and current Seamaster logos.

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